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  Partial or complete denture impression materials. 
  Excellent hydrophilic. 
  Medium flexibility and viscosity enable detail impression of partial or complete denture. 
  Excellent hydrophilic enables best impression without air bubble in the wet mouth. 
  The lowest deformation enables reproduction of plaster model without change of  accuracy 
    for more than 15 days after impression.
    Tube Type
  Squeeze base and catalyst for the same length on the mixing pad. 
  Mix well for 30 seconds and get an equal color. 
  Put the mixed materials on the tray. 
  Inject 5 minutes after adhesive application when you use an individual tray. 
    Auto Type
  Insert the cartridge into the dispenser.   
  Squeeze little bit until base and catalyst drain together without blocking. 
  Insert the mixing tip into the cartridge and turn it 90˚ to the clock wise direction. 
  Pull the trigger slowly for good mixing of the materials. 
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