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magnified image (200x) of size #1
Knitted Retraction Cord
Made of 100% cotton,
  more absorbent than Twisted and Braided type.
Knitted interlocking chains carry significantly 
  greater quantities of hemostatic solution and 
  provide an excellent medium for gel 
  absorption and placement.
While preparation packing, knitted cord does not 
  entangle in diamond bur.
Effective for gingival displacement
  and offers easy packing into sulcus.
  Cord Cutter
 Easy and convenient to cut the cord
Stainless steel blade inside the cap,
  - Cuts the cord automatically while snapping down the cap.
  - Holds the cord inside the cap so the cord does not fall back into the bottle after cutting.
  - Protects from cross-contamination
  Cord Cutter  
  - Color coded 6 sizes provide quick and easy identification in the sulcus.
  - Each bottle contains 100 inch (254 cm) of cord
  - 000(XX-Fine), 00(X-Fine), 0(Fine), 1(Medium), 2(Coarse), 3(X-Coarse)
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