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  ORO Silver
    Air rotor handpiece with 2 extra cartridges
ORO Gold
    Air rotor handpiece wih ceramic bearing .
      Available in :  
    Super Torque  
    Push Button Standard  
    Push Button Super Torque  
    Mini Head Chuck ype  
    Mini Head Push Button  
  ORO Platinum
Air rotor handpiece with ceramic bearing, titanium plated body to give less sensation to hand, open cartridge like KAVO.

Anti Retraction : Clean head system, special mechanism to protect the doctros and bearings automaticlly prevents the entry of oral fluids and other contaminants into handpiece head, prolonging the life of handpiece, available with chuck and push button mechanism.
  ORO 45o
    45 degree head system  
    Head : Standard, Push button  
    Working air Preassure : 350,000-420,000 min-1  
  ORO Low Speed Handpiece
Supply air pressure 0.30 Mpa - 0.35Mpa
Rotation Speed Max. 250,000 rpm
Chuck type Latch chuck / Push button
Bur applicable 2.345-2.355 mm
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